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King Airways Ltd. demonstrates a multifaceted approach to aircraft management and operations by being a Transport Canada approved maintenance organization, as well as an aircraft brokerage company. King Airways Ltd. is eager to continue offering dependable and quality service while assisting people with meeting their flying dreams – one aircraft at a time.


Aircraft Sales

Our aircraft sales department provides you, our valued customer, with a service that’s unrivaled. We offer a seamless buying or selling experience personalized to your unique needs. Our thorough understanding of the market, alongside our vast knowledge of diversified aircraft, allows us to assist you to sell, or purchase the perfect aircraft while ensuring you get the best value with the least hassle.

Personal assistance to match you with your ideal aircraft.

Trust us to keep you current with the market and deals that truly stand out.

We track down a specially curated selection of aircrafts for your specific needs.


Aircraft Maintenance

As an authorized maintenance organization, we prioritize your safety and the reliability of your aircraft above all else. We go above and beyond for our customers, while ensuring every plane meets the top safety standards put forth by Transport Canada. With experienced technicians on hand, we conduct thorough inspections, regular maintenance, ensuring you and your aircraft investment are well-protected and always ready to fly.

We ensure your aircraft operates at the highest safety standards as your well-being is our ultimate concern.

Regular maintenance and structural repairs to keep all your flights running smoothly.

Broad knowledge of aircraft safety regulations and operations

Why We Do What We Do?

If you’ve experienced the freedom of piloting your own plane, you get it. If you haven’t, we’re here to introduce you to the skies. We are a community-based business that takes pride in our personalized service, commitment, and business integrity. We also bring detailed industry knowledge, key partnerships, and finely honed market analysis skills to help your passion take flight!

Our doors are always open, and the coffee is always on!

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Aircraft Sales:

Email: sales@kingairways.com

Phone: 403-880-0831

Aircraft Maintenance:

Email: amo@kingairways.com

Phone: (403) 274-5800