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Whether you’re a seasoned pilot with countless skies etched into your logbook or a first-time flyer, wide-eyed and ready to taste the wind, we’re here to guide you. Our wingspan embraces both experience and wonder.

Contact us today, and together, let’s chart your flight path to freedom!

Sales & Service

Kelly King

Passion for aviation

Focus on safety

Top-notch networking and negotiation skills

Kelly’s key focus is on the safety and experience of his clients. A pilot himself, he understands the importance of a safe, reliable, and properly functioning airplane. His commitment to safety has cemented his stellar reputation and helped him develop valuable relationships around the world. These connections allow Kelly to find the right buyer, the right seller, and the right consultant to meet your aviation needs.


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Sales & Service

Hannah-Jo McBryan

Access to extensive catalogue of airplane inventory

Professional and trustworthy sales experience

Broad knowledge of aircraft safety regulations and operations

Hannah-Jo grew up in an aviation family and cares deeply about pilot and airplane safety. She brings a level of professionalism and extensive service to her role that clearly goes above and beyond what is expected. She prides herself on always acting with integrity and ensuring everyone she deals with feels valued.


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Aircraft Sales



Sales Phone: +1 (403) -880-0831

Springbank Municipal Airport (C-YBW)

#3 520 Hurricane Drive, Springbank AB.

T3Z 3S8

Aircraft Maintenance



Maintenance Phone: (403) 274-5800

Springbank Municipal Airport (C-YBW)

#3 520 Hurricane Drive, Springbank AB.

T3Z 3S8

“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.” – Walter Raleigh




King Airways Ltd.

Hangar #3

520 Hurricane Drive

Springbank, AB

T3Z 3S8 Canada

Live the Experience. Feel the Freedom.

Aircraft Sales:


Phone: 403-880-0831

Aircraft Maintenance:


Phone: (403) 274-5800